Dani's Face Replica Mask by Holly Silius

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Wear Dani’s face on your face with this rare-as-hell limited edition custom silicone mask by artist Holly Silius.

Cast from Dani’s actual face for the Keep On Truckin’ album cover.

Very limited quantity...like so limited they’ll probably be gone by the time you’re done reading this.

Holly Silius’ work responds to traditional, restricted representations of the human body from European art history. For Silius, subverting these ideals is the essence of her practice. Silius’ body of work explores the human form, both raw and adorned, from body cast stone sculptures to masks and wearable body jewellery. The duality of raw and adorned mirrors Silius’ background in fine art and SFX. Silius’ work is a joyful push-back against tradition, celebrating the beauty of the human body, whether unfiltered or embellished.